Driving success through collaboration.

“Clients do not come first. Employees come first. If you take care of your employees, they will take care of the clients.”   —Richard Branson

Black Marjieh Leff & Sanford LLP was founded on the premise that individuals who are challenged by their work, and satisfied with their work-life balance, are more motivated, driven and committed to success.

Our Philosophy

Our firm’s culture embraces this outlook through encouraging collaboration, creativity and learning inside the office. Outside the office, we volunteer within the community and support the interests of our team. Our partners welcome innovative and new ideas from all levels of staff and are committed to constantly evolving.

Many law firms portray themselves as different. Here’s why we are. BMLS lawyers have always been cost-conscious, results-oriented, fierce advocates for our clients. What sets us apart is being able to do so while simultaneously maintaining a focus on being a great place to work. We focus on job satisfaction and, most importantly, respect and support for our attorneys and staff. Our philosophy results in a team that is truly invested and enthusiastic about their clients and work. We take pride in our achievements on behalf of clients, truly act as a cohesive team and drive each other to greater innovations and accomplishments. In addition, our philosophy forms the basis for continuity and meaningful long-term client-attorney relationships.

Diversity as a core principle

BMLS is a 75% woman-owned partnership that values diversity and inclusiveness. We foster an environment of learning, growth and opportunities, with a focus on work-life balance and cultural awareness. Our firm cultivates an environment that reflects differences and values all perspectives, which in turn enhances the creative thinking we apply to addressing our clients’ needs. Our commitment to diversity is reflected in our recruitment, hiring and training practices.

Giving back to our communities

We pride ourselves on integrity and shared effort. This inspires our spirit of volunteerism. Our team members are well-rounded individuals who are passionate about the law and the greater world as well. BMLS strives to make a difference by participating in charitable giving and activities that reflect the causes of our associates, staff and partners. We support the needs of our communities through donations, days of service or sponsoring a local athletic team. There’s no one-size-fits-all solution at BMLS because we are always evolving to find the best way to do great things, inside and outside the practice of law.


Meet Our Team

Our team is composed of a diverse mix of accomplished lawyers who inspire each other daily, and in turn provide exceptional service to our clients. Learn more about our attorneys’ commitment to excellence, both inside and outside the office.